I found a CBD product I liked, and then they canceled it.

When I first started going to a marijuana dispensary, I found a CBD product that I legitimately liked. It was a harlequin 12:1 CBD/THC hybrid, and the CBD product could help me with migraines and ease the arthritis pain in my neck that I suffered from. I got in the habit of purchasing the harlequin 12:1 SRO once a month for a whole year. Then one afternoon, I walked into the medical marijuana dispensary, and they told me they didn’t have the harlequin 12:1 SRO any longer. I questioned the budtender about when or if they would get that specific marijuana product back in store. However, she did not know and told me I could talk to the pharmacist. The pharmacist informed me that another company had purchased their marijuana dispensary. This company used marijuana dispensaries that were strictly operating in our state. I had thought this was a normal supplier for marijuana dispensaries, although I must’ve been wrong. She said the company that now owned their dispensary had their own marijuana farmers. All of their products would now come from those farms. It didn’t supply me a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that I could no longer get our harlequin 12:1, CBD/THC SRO. When I got home, the first thing I did was search out all other marijuana dispensaries within a 50-mile radius of where I lived. It took some research, although I finally found a marijuana dispensary that carried the SRO that I was looking for. I didn’t appreciate that I’d have to travel 50 miles to purchase CBD/THC products, but since it is the one product that entirely worked for me, I will make the drive.
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