I found a CBD product I liked, and then they canceled it.

When I first started going to a marijuana dispensary, I found a CBD product that I absolutely adored.

This product was a harlequin 12:1 CBD/THC hybrid, and the CBD product helped with migraines and eased the arthritis pain that I constantly experienced in my lower neck.

As time went on, I was purchasing the harlequin 12:1 SRO once a week. Then 1 morning, I walked into the medical marijuana dispensary, and they simply said that they no longer carried the harlequin 12:1 SRO. In disbelief, I inquired with the budtender about when or if they would get a marijuana product back in store. Of course the budtender was clueless, so I ended up speaking with the pharmacist on the matter. The pharmacist explained that another corporation had bought their marijuana dispensary. This corporation used marijuana dispensaries that were strictly operating in our state. I had thought this was a normal supplier for marijuana dispensaries, however I must’ve been wrong. She said the corporation that now owned their dispensary had their own marijuana farmers, all of their products would now come from those farms. It didn’t feel too good to know that I could no longer get our harlequin 12:1, CBD/THC SRO. As soon as I got home, the first thing I did was to search out all other marijuana dispensaries within a 50-mile radius of where I lived. It took some doing, however I finally found a marijuana dispensary that carried the SRO that I was looking for.I didn’t like the idea of needing to travel 50 miles to purchase CBD/THC products, however since it is the 1 product that legitimately worked for me, I will make the drive.


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