I learn more about marijuana from places like Reddit than I do from actual stores

There are a lot of people who will claim that there is nothing but misery to be experienced from having a presence on any form of social media.

While I understand where they’re coming from on the one hand, because there is a lot of filtering both figuratively and literally happening on these sites. However, you can’t lump all social media websites into the same exact pile. There are some like Reddit that are genuinely good places for specialized advice and information on all sorts of subjects. Each page on reddit is its own forum or “subreddit,” and they’re intended to be niche communities reflecting the subject of the forum. For instance, the woodworking subreddit is going to be filled with posts about saws, wood grain quality, techniques, and beginner questions. You’ll probably see woodworking memes and light hearted content as well. There are also marijuana-focused communities on Reddit, especially the ones devoted to the medical cannabis industries in each individual state. I learned more from my state’s cannabis subreddit than what I learn at the dispensaries themselves. There’s information shared about cannabis edibles and cannabis concentrates that I can’t find anywhere else. There are sites like Leafly and Allbud with information on marijuana, but you don’t always get frank reviews of particular cannabis dispensaries in your state. The subreddit that I frequent the most is unique to my state’s legal cannabis industry, so I can get store-specific reviews within hours of them being written and posted. If some new strain is developed by the dispensary, you’re not going to find reviews on Leafly right away. You might have no idea what the strain’s genetics are unless you look at Reddit.

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