I like live resin products the best

Live resin cannabis concentrate is made from the freshly harvested flower.

The method of extracting live resin from the plant makes it possible to retain all of the flavorful terpenes and flavonoids inside of the plant.

Cannabis resin is extracted from the plant using heat or pressure. The resin is a thick and sticky substance. Live cannabis resin comes in a variety of forms like shatter, batter, crumble, and diamonds. Cannabis concentrates are often vaped using extreme heat and a glass or titanium nail. I have a dab rig that includes a titanium nail. I hate the nail until it is red hot and then I apply a small dab of cannabis concentrate. When the cannabis concentrate hits the hot nail, it turns into a vapor. The vapor is then inhaled or smoked. I absolutely like live resin products the best. I’ve tried lots of different cannabis products and the live resin concentrates have the best flavor and smell. One of my favorite live resin concentrates is blue dream. Blue dream is a sativa dominant strain that tastes like blueberries. It is best used in the morning and it has an extremely high potency. I picked up a Blue Dream Live resin concentrate last week that was filled with 99% cannabinoids. I vaped a couple of small dabs of the product and I was extremely high. The Blue Dream concentrate was easily one of the best products I have had this year. It was a little on the expensive side, but it was well worth the fifty bucks that I spent.


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