I thought I could make brownies from medical marijuana.

With 1/2 an hour, he asked me just how much RSO oil I had put into that batch of brownies

When they opened the medical marijuana dispensary in my area, I was excited. I asked my husband how hard he thought it would be to make brownies from medical marijuana. He said I could probably make them the same way he did from regular marijuana. I had never made pot brownies before,and I wasn’t even sure what they should taste like. I went online to get some recipes for pot brownies, cupcakes, and Gummies. I found so many recipes that used marijuana, that it shocked me. I couldn’t believe people were using marijuana in so many ways. I talked to one of the bud tenders at the medical marijuana dispensary and asked them about the easiest way to make pot brownies. He looked at me kind of oddly and said you should not discuss that here but; he recommended ‌ I use a concentrate. He showed me several concentrates that they had and told me how to use them. I couldn’t wait to get home and make my first batch of brownies. Once I got the brownie mix all mixed up, I carefully put the entire file of RSO into my pot brownies. My husband was the first one to taste the pot brownies, and all he could do was smile. With 1/2 an hour, he asked me just how much RSO oil I had put into that batch of brownies. I told him I put in the entire vial. He raised an eyebrow and said that I picked up the wrong RSO oil. I used an RSO oil that was very high THC content instead of the RSO oil that had low THC and a high CBD content.


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