If only medicinal marijuana was covered by insurance

If you ask me, I think going to a marijuana dispensary should be just like getting any other medication from a pharmacy.

When I first showed up to the marijuana dispensary, I was told to speak with the pharmacist.

I assumed that they would give me the product that my doctor requested and I would be on my way. Unfortunately, that is not how it works. The pharmacist simply gave me product recommendations, but apparently, it was up to me to buy whichever products I wanted. As soon as I took a look around, I realized that the whole dispensary was full of products that were well out of my price range. I asked the pharmacist how much was covered by my insurance, and I was very disappointed to discover that since marijuana was not yet considered a medical drug, insurance was not yet willing to help spend my money for the marijuana products. Even the tiniest little tincture bottles were $65 If it had not been for the sale promotion for first-time buyers, I could not have afforded anything that was in that marijuana dispensary. I ended up purchasing a small pain salve, as well as some capsules that were mostly CBD. Although it was a bit more than I planned on spending, the hope of the salve as well as capsules helping with my swollen joints made it easier to spend it. I don’t think I’ll be coming back to a marijuana dispensary ‌ soon! Everything was too extravagant. I just hope the marijuana products I picked up will make the money spent seem worth it. If not, I won’t be returning to the marijuana dispensary.

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