Is animal CBD the same as human CBD?

When I got home from the marijuana dispensary, I opened up my bag. I had CBD in the bag for both myself and my dog. I was wondering what the difference was, that my CBD was so much more expensive than what my dogs were. Everything looked the same, as I read the label. There was 0.2 mg of THC in both CBD products. I couldn’t understand the difference. I started looking it up online. After posing the question of what is the difference between animal CBD and human CBD, I got at least 30 different websites to come back to me. I did not want to go through every single website, so I chose the one that had the question at the top. After reading the entire article, the fundamental difference between human CBD and animal CBD is its extract. It talked about how animals should not have THC therefore, the THC content should be.2% or lower, whereas human CBD normally has approximately.3% THC. The other big difference between human CBD and animal CBD was its flavor. Animals don’t enjoy the same type of flavors as humans do, so they can either be flavorless, or possibly meat flavored. I couldn’t believe they were the only differences in yet my dog CBD was definitely cheaper than what mine was. I was thinking maybe it was because my dog had CBD drops ‌I can put in her food, and I got a concentrate to make my CBD Gummies. My husband likes anything flavored with bacon. Maybe I should buy him a doggie CBD and he would use it instead of mine.