My brother was hoping to get high.

Last week, our little brother stole my medical marijuana ID card… Since we look a lot alike, he thought that he’d be able to get away with using my medical marijuana ID card, despite our 5 year age difference.

I knew the only reason he had any interest in that card was so that he could purchase edibles from the marijuana dispensary.

Obviously, the only reason he wanted to purchase marijuana edibles was because he was interested in getting high. I’m sure that if he had gotten away with it and actually entered into a marijuana dispensary, he would’ve been able to find some kind of edible marijuana product that would have given him the high he was hoping for. As soon as I heard the door close, I realized that my wallet was not in my room anymore. I quickly scanned the contents of the wallet and immediately noticed that the marijuana medical ID card was missing. I bolted out to the driveway just in time to catch my brother getting ready to pull out. I stood in front of the car, forcing him to get out and talk to me. I accused him of taking the medical ID card, but he laughed and insisted that he had no clue what I was referring to. However, I was not going to let that slide. I got into the car and asked if I could tag along with his errands. He knew he was busted. Finally, he handed over the medical marijuana medical ID card. He claimed that he just wanted to see what it was like there, but he clearly wanted to find a way to get high.

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