My husband bought it because the name was intriguing.

Last week my husband came home with marijuana flower for me! I had asked him to go into a marijuana dispensary for him and pick up some marijuana products.

  • He had his medical marijuana caretaker’s ID card, and since he was already going shopping, and the marijuana dispensary was less than 1/4 mile away from the grocery store, he agreed to stop for me.

However, when my husband got into the dispensary, he told them who he was there for and they told him they had my order ready. While waiting for them to bring it out to him, my husband started looking around at the marijuana products. He spotted one product that was called northern lights, which just so happened to be on sale. My husband decided to buy some for me. When he got home, I asked him why he would buy that kind of marijuana product. He told me that it was because he thought the name was cool since he always wanted to see the Northern Lights. I burst his bubble when I told him that I was not looking to get high, which is what would happen if I used the northern lights marijuana. I thanked me for making the purchase, and asked him where the rest of my marijuana products were? In his haste to purchase the northern lights and bring it home to me, he had paid for the entire order but left my online order on the counter. He called the marijuana dispensary and told him ‌we would be back within the next 15 minutes to grab the rest of the order. I was pretty sure he was going to have me return the northern lights if he was already this silly without it!


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