My sister was hoping to get high.

Last week, my 16 year old sister made an attempt to steal my medical marijuana ID card. To be honest, we do look a lot alike, but we have a pretty significant age difference. However our similar features do not give her the right to steal my medical marijuana ID card, or anything from me for that matter. I knew the only reason she wanted it was so she could get into the dispensary and purchase some marijuana joints. The only reason she wanted to purchase marijuana joints was because the girl was hoping to get high. I am sure that if she had got into a marijuana dispensary, she would’ve been able to find some kind of marijuana flower or other pre rolled product that would have given her the high she was hoping for. It didn’t take long for me to figure it out. As soon as I got out of the bathroom, I saw that she had been in my purse. I went into her room and confronted her about the ID card, but she played dumb. Lucky for me, I know exactly where she hides her private stuff, as any older sister does. I immediately found the marijuana ID card. My sister apologized and begged me not to tell our parents. She promised that she would not try marijuana until she was able to get it legally with her own ID card.


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