Nothing like life in the big city

Life in a sizable city environment is pretty enjoyable… I am from a small town, as well as until last year I had never been to any major metropolitan area.

Along with a few friends, I decided to get out of that constrictive small town, leave the world of farming, as well as head on over to the state capital.

Two of my many friends have already moved back home, after just one year, but me as well as Jerry are staying here. For once it feels basically like life is moving, as well as not just resting still. No more quiet evenings for us, Jerry as well as I often go to the clubs, the bars, as well as 2 fantastic cannabis dispensaries always. There are really multiple different cannabis dispensaries within walking distance of the downtown area, but let me tell you why the two of us appreciate these 2 places. One of them has a smoker’s lounge, so you can easily purchase your cannabis or CBD products in the dispensary, as well as then hang out in the lounge listening to music which happens to be live! They have all kinds of live performers, either music or stand up comedy, every weekend. It really is a nice place to smoke a little cannabis as well as chill out. The other place has a cannabis cafe that offers killer baked goods along with a menu for sizzling meals infused with cannabis! Usually I will just get a honeybun frosted with creamy cannabis oil butter, but one time I decided to go for a leaf salad with croutons encrusted with cannabis dust. It was surprisingly good, as well as it made me the highest I had ever been before.



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