Setting up a company iphone

For a while I was struggling to handle all the company I was getting with our cannabis dispensary.

I felt overworked as well as overwhelmed.

A friend of mine also owns a cannabis dispensary; She highly suggested that I use a cannabis company consulting service. She told myself and others they helped get his finances together as well as helped his add an addition onto his business. She couldn’t say enough positive things. I figured the most they can do is let myself and others guess if I am just a tied up man. I called the marijuana company consultant maintenance as well as was immediately impressed, and my cannabis consultant took a look at how I run our company as well as immediately knew why I was so tied up out; The guy was appalled that I was using our personal iphone to run the business… He said having a company iphone is key. It keeps the process streamlined, efficient as well as allows myself and others to take a break from work. He immediately got a iphone method setup as well as a process when messages are left. He also put a contact form on the cannabis dispensary website for any questions or problems, and just those small tasks have undoubtedly made a large difference in our afternoon to afternoon life. He also got our employees off our personal number as well as set up a different number that they can call myself and others at. So when I go loft for the afternoon, I only get calls on the company iphone if I happen to have it on me. I guess our husbandy is the most thankful for this change. I am able to finally turn it off when I come home.

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