The cannabis growing kits with water tanks are problematic

Most of the time the As-seen-on-TV products are nowhere near as good as they’re displayed to be. I purchased some of the copper-coated cookware when they were released and the ones I got were way worse than the cheapest cookware from Walmart. A basic teflon-coated pan from 20 years ago outworks my copper cookware on every mark. I was frustrated because I knew some people who were luckier than me, and gained pans in the mail that largely performed as promised by the TV advertisements and cable commercials. That makes it maddening for myself and others because you have to think, is it just a problem with quality control? Are some of the pans so wonderful while others are so poorly made? It begged so many more questions than it answered. With my awful timing buying a copper cooking pan off a TV ad, I should have known that buying a hydroponic indoor tomato garden could yield similar disappointments. These water growing systems can be so temperamental, and you have to flush the water consistently or you could have a fungal growth problem on your hands. I also l earned that the lights are too low and do not allow quite enough room for the plants to grow. This is why I failed to grow quality cannabis with 1 of these hydroponic growing kits. The plants grew tall enough to touch the light bulbs in under more than one week’s time. I l earned my lesson acquiring products from TV advertisements and commercials. On the bright side, it activated a burning passion in myself and others for growing cannabis. Now I have a regular marijuana growing setup, and I have that garbage hydroponic growing kit to thank for that.

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