The concentrate made me feel very sleepy

Indica strains are one of three categories of cannabis.

Cannabis is broken down into three categories.

The first category of cannabis is sativas. Sativas are energizing and invigorating and they can help to relieve stress and anxiety. Sativas are known to help with focus and creativity. Indica strains are much more relaxing. They have a sedative effect. Indica strains are visually different from sativa strains when they are examined under a microscope. Hybrid strains are the third category. They are often a mix of an indica and a sativa. They may be evenly split or one of the strains may be dominant. Indica strains are definitely my favorite. I use a lot of cannabis products daily and I prefer concentrates that are indicas. I don’t have to worry about creativity or Focus. I use daily marijuana to help with pain relief. It’s perfectly fine if I fall asleep, so I use an indica. I feel those strains have the heaviest hitting effects. One of my favorite Indica strains is papaya. I often purchase live resin papaya concentrate from the dispensary. They have jars of concentrate that are 1.2 gram, instead of just one gram and they are the same price as the one gram products. The papaya strain is rich in flavonoids and terpenes. The live resin sauce makes me feel very calm, relaxed, and pain-free. The last time I got a papaya strain from the dispensary, the live resin strain made me feel very sleepy. I vaped a couple of dabs and I was ready for a nap.

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