The dogs found the stash going through the mail

My wife and I were watching the news on Friday night and there was a story about marijuana featured in the very first segment.

I was intrigued by the story, because everything occurred here in the same county where my wife and I work and let me know.

The police found 50 lb of marijuana in a bag at the post office. The bag was going to a local retail store. The police had been tracking the shipment for a while and they found the person responsible for the bus. The person who was in charge of the illegal marijuana operation turned out to be one of the town council members. The person was featured in the news story. My wife and I could not believe our eyes. It was strange how everything happened. The K9 police officer was at the post office to visit one of the desk attendants. The dog started going crazy when he got out of the car and led the officer directly to the shipment of marijuana. The police officer had to get a warrant to remove the items from the bag and open the package. Everyone in town over fifty was upset when recreational marijuana laws were passed in the accounting. The Town Council members tried to drag their feet. They didn’t sign any permits for anything marijuana related. Now they are going to use this information as a reason to prove that they were right all along about legalizing recreational and medical marijuana. It’s totally ironic since one of their members is the illegal and guilty party.
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