The electronic “nail” I all I use now

Cannabis users all tend to have different preferences and habits when it comes to consuming the plant.

For instance, my dear Grandmother bakes brownies and cookies using cannabis distillates and oils with loads of THC inside.

She isn’t interested in smoking or inhaling anything to get medicated, so Grandmother will consistently stick with her cannabis edibles opposed to inhaling pot products. I really respect this, and with anyone else who chooses to ingest their cannabis instead of inhaling it into their lungs. However, I couldn’t be more different because I don’t appreciate using cannabis edibles. I barely get any effects at all from cannabis edibles products. I started out as a heavy user of cannabis flower products. I soon graduated to vaporizing my cannabis flower products once I could afford to buy a quality vaporizer. Now I have graduated to cannabis concentrates such as wax, rosin, and hashish. I use what is referred to as an “e-nail” or an electronic nail. It consists of a very small quartz cup that is heated from the base and sides with a titanium heating coil. This device reaches temperature abruptly and is really set with a digital controller. I can get extremely blazed in a matter of moments if I take a large dab. If I didn’t have my dabs and my concentrate vaporizer, I don’t suppose how I’d make it through my stressful nights. Once you develop a tolerance to cannabis flower products, the only way to go is up. The cannabis concentrates possess enough THC to blast through whatever tolerance that I have developed for the marijuana plant.

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