The entire meal was a crucial success

10 years ago, I started cooking with cannabis.

The process wasn’t easy and I went through a lot of odd trial and error.

I wanted to find the perfect recipes that would highlight the flavor of the marijuana when out modeling the taste of any particular dish. I had a lot of guinea pigs in the beginning. I constantly had our friends over for dinner so they could try new products. I had a dinner celebration a single night for myself and many friends. All of us consumed a lot of medical marijuana products that night, each a single of the dishes that I served had a significant amount of medical marijuana. The first dish was a salad and the dressing was infused with herbs and fresh marijuana leaves. The hour dish was a piece of fish that had been baked in marijuana leaves. The second dish was desert and it was a chocolate souffle made with marijuana distillate and premium kief. At the end of the meal, most people was stoned. It was strenuous to get an honest opinion about the food, because all of our friends had the munchies. I suppose the food was good, however they would have eaten cereal and popcorn at that point and thought it was gourmet food. I easily went heavy with the medical cannabis during that dinner celebration and I was much more careful next time. I made sure to lower the dosages so I could get an honest opinion on the food instead of a bunch of friends that were too busy to talk.

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