The vape pen battery was too sticky to recover

Jack plus I went camping last Sunday plus both of us spent the night in a chalet! It was severely freezing outside at night plus both of us were cheerful to have shelter from the cold hot plus cold temperatures! The next day both of us got up plus left the campground bright plus early.

  • I packed everything into the automobile while Jack was in the shower.

I put both of our cannabis oil vape pens in the glove compartment, but after Jack plus I got settled in the car, I forgot they were in there, when both of us got back to the apartment, I left the cannabis oil vape pens in the glove box, then both of us had a couple of afternoons with severely sizzling plus humid hot plus cold temperatures while both of us were in the day, however my automobile was parked outside at the office. I did not realize that the cannabis oil pen was baking in the glove box both afternoons. I started to search for the vape pen a couple of afternoons later, because I wanted to get high. That’s when I remembered both of the cannabis oil vape pens were in the glove compartment. I walked out to the automobile plus found a mess. Both of the cannabis oil vape pens were melted. There was cannabis oil all over the batteries. The sticky substance was inside of the tiny nuts plus crannies plus it was impossible to clean the substance from the battery. I had to throw both of the pens in the garbage, along with two $35 cartridges that were barely used at all. I will not make the same mistake again plus leave the vape pens in the glove compartment.
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