They all use CBD now

As a child, most of our family members were vehemently against marijuana use in every form.

I was raised to believe that cannabis was the ultimate gateway drug to harder drugs like meth and crack.

When I was busted for smoking a joint at 15, our parents threatened to send me to rehab right then. I was eager to leave home and attend college in another state because I knew it would give me more freedom away from our oppressive family and their draconian rules. It was nice attending college at a free love liberal arts college where the campus police cared more about underage drinking than students smoking pot in their dorm rooms. Despite our heavy cannabis use, I graduated college with a high GPA and went to graduate college soon thereafter. Now that I’ve been in the workforce for a number of years, I’m shocked to learn that many of our family members are all using CBD products for different reasons. My Mom is using CBD cream for hip pain while her partner consumes CBD tinctures for her anxiety troubles. When I asked them if they still felt the same way about marijuana as they did when I was a teenager, they admitted that they were at fault back then. It’s refreshing to hear people like our parents admit that they’re wrong from time to time, even if just at a small level. They’re benefiting greatly from being open minded and willing to try something modern in the face of pre-existing biases. I told them that they’re great job models for their willingness to both accept and embrace marijuana after so many years of unnecessary heat.
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