Digesting THC is a problem because of my liver

Getting disfigured at my task is most definitely frustrating for a number of reasons.

Aside from the scrutiny you end up getting from management about the employee compensation form, it feels absolutely defeating to become partially disabled through a task and not doing something within a normal routine.

I ended up falling and injuring my back and a selection of ribs in the process. It was a fairly tough experience for a number of reasons, especially since they treated me sort of like a drug addict in the beginning and questioned if I had “taken something” the afternoon of my accident. Part of me happened to be insulted by the mandatory employee drug test, but the other part of me was especially eager to clear my name and vindicate myself in the eyes of my upper ups. But once I had an official negative drug test on file, I made the choice to take this opportunity to enjoy cannabis again after quite a few years of being off the substance altogether. With constant pain everyday, I needed some form of relief to get me by. I experimented with all sorts of cannabis products and was able to learn that I preferred inhalation products over anything else. I tried many different doses of oral THC with no changes from one to another, and then I easily read about this effect in a medical journal regarding medical marijuana consumption options. There are a fair amount of people out there who have livers that are essentially incapable of processing THC as a normal liver should. People similar to me have all sorts of different options—we either gamble with the ineffectiveness of topical treatments, or we are able to inhale the plant material via combustion or vaporization. I genuinely choose to vaporize cannabis concentrates and cannabis flower products as my primary means of consumption.
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