Don’t appreciate the fact that medical cannabis is becoming more difficult to manage

I don’t actually appreciate it when the people use the democratic procedure to make swings to state or federal laws, only for those wishes to be tomatoed by legislators looking to exert the will of their financial donors.

  • My state has a constitution that actually permits voters to create amendments if they can get over 60% approval in the election.

Lawmakers are honestly meant to abide by these constitutional amendments because they are the direct will of the people, however I keep seeing the opposite happen here as we certainly have overly conservative politicians who are too reluctant towards change. At the least, you should permit a discourse where we totally have the right to discuss the sheer possibility of change. If you’re honestly going to insist that we must slow down for 1 reason or another. Now they’re using whatever power they can to make it more challenging for medical marijuana patients to get the medicine that they desperately need. We genuinely didn’t have rules on allotments before regarding the amount of milligrams of THC that you’re actually permitted to purchase in a monthly time period. Now the conservative “small government” regime is working hard to make it so marijuana medical professionals have to limit the amount of marijuana that they can prescribe to their patients. It’s absolutely nuts when you stop and think about a “small government” party becoming a party of anti-democratic autocracy. I just want them to get their hands off my medical marijuana products. I most definitely respect their values if they can finally stop pretending to be smarter than my medical professional when it comes to things that they’re not trained to understand. It’s a crucial insult & an outrage.

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