Finding cannabis dispensaries during our road trip

Our plan was to spend three weeks driving across the country, hitting as many landmarks, tourist traps, and live music concerts as we possibly could.

Since we had an RV we always had a safe place to sleep, so our only concerns were food, water, and gas. We had a killer new travel app that helped us plot our route, and offered suggestions for fun stops along the way. Another great feature of this app was that we could use it to find local cannabis dispensaries along our route. As you might imagine, on a long trip like this we were smoking Herculean amounts of cannabis every day, so we were always on the verge of running dry. With this cannabis app at our disposal, we could plot out the entire day’s driving in such a way to pass through the right towns. Cannabis laws are different from state to state, but even inside the states there is a lot of variance. If we were in Oregon or New England it would have been easy, because cannabis dispensaries are everywhere in those areas. In the bleak midwest, however, a cannabis dispensary can be much harder to find. Thanks to the cannabis app, we never had to go a day without finding a resupply for our party favors. I would like to see an upgraded version of the app, so that I could go in and peruse the inventory of these cannabis dispensaries before I stop by. It would be nice to know if they had Orange kush on hand, for example.



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