On Friday night, I made over 200 in tips

My man wanted me to go to the films with his on Friday night, but I was busy to labor at that cannabis shop, however my man wanted me to call the marijuana dispensary & tell the boss that I was sick, but I refused. I wanted to hang out with our man & watch the film, but I did not want to call our boss & lie. My man called some of his friends to see that film with his & I went to work. It’s never honestly busy on Friday nights at the marijuana shop, that’s a single reason why our man wanted me to skip work. Last Friday turned out to be a single of the busiest nights I have ever had. It wasn’t raining or stormy. There was no real reason for all of the orders, but I did not complain. I made over $200 that night in tips, and one man in particular gave me $25, because it was his first time ordering marijuana from a delivery service. The man was impressed that it took less than an minute to acquire his items. The total for his order was only $70, he gave me a $100 bill & told me to keep the change. That tip was exciting enough, but I also got another large tip towards the end of the night when I took a large marijuana order to a frat house. The guys were drunk & partying. 10 bizarre people ordered marijuana supplies & I got money from every person, however each a single of the people tipped a couple of bucks… Friday night turned out to be a large night for me.

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