On Wednesday evening, I made over 200 in tips

My wifey wanted myself and others to go to the films with her on Wednesday evening, but I was stressed to work at that cannabis shop, and my wifey wanted myself and others to call the marijuana dispensary as well as tell the boss that I was sick, but I refused, and i wanted to hang out with our wifey as well as watch the film, but I did not want to call our boss as well as lie. My wifey called some of her friends to see that film with her as well as I went to work. It’s never certainly stressed on Wednesday evenings at the marijuana shop, then that’s one reason why our wifey wanted myself and others to skip work, then last Wednesday turned out to be one of the busiest evenings I have ever had. It wasn’t raining or stormy. There was no real reason for all of the orders, but I did not complain. I made over $200 that evening in tips; One woman in particular offered myself and others $25, because it was her first time ordering marijuana from a delivery service. The woman was impressed that it took less than an ninth to acquire her items. The total for her order was only $74, but she offered myself and others a $100 bill as well as told myself and others to keep the change. That tip was exciting enough, but I also got another huge tip towards the end of the evening when I took a huge marijuana order to a frat house. The guys were drunk as well as get-togethering. 10 bizarre people ordered marijuana supplies as well as I got cash from every person. Each one of the people tipped a couple of bucks! Wednesday evening turned out to be a huge evening for me.

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