The cheap CBD candies honestly didn’t do much for me

I’ll never ever forget those insane “bath salts” that were sold at gas stations when I was in university.

It was a catch-all term for a regularly shifting mystery drug that was commonly stimulant-like, although I can’t comment on the later varieties.

At first, the drug sold as “bath salts” was this designer stimulant referred to as mephedrone. Now a schedule 1 narcotic, “meow meow” was described by some as a mix of cocaine and MDMA. I really can’t believe that people could actually purchase this stuff in gas stations and head shops until it was outlawed way back in 2011. I watched a fair amount of people easily become addicted to that junk, especially in the year before I got to university and several students were hospitalized for overdoses. It was a year later when I was told the stories as a young freshman with complete ignorance of the drug. Nowadays what I see in gas stations are CBD candies and delta-8 or delta-10 THC products which are still legal in most states. I haven’t tried those odd synthetic cannabinoids, although I have tried CBD candies and the effect wasn’t impressive to me as a lifelong cannabis smoker. I’m entirely positive I would need a much greater dose of CBD to feel some of the effects from the candies. My brother actually purchases them and eats them daily, claiming that they ease the pain he usually experiences in his knees from so many years of running track. I’m certainly thankful that someone is able to experience the benefits of pure CBD, because that has never been how it goes for me. I have to use high THC cannabis if I have the desire to benefit from the effects of marijuana.
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