Wish we had more weed stores around here

I am residing in the same small town that my parents chose to raise me in.

  • When I applied for university, my original intent was to transfer out west & get as far away from this state as was manageable.

However, I accepted an admissions offer from a liberal arts university approximately an hour from my house & I ended up being a great deal happier in the long term I think. The classes were significantly smaller so I was able to meet all of my instructors & stay on a first name basis throughout my time at that university. That’s a lot more than you can say for a good amount of university environments. I learned a huge amount about racial inclusivity & recognizing privilege of all forms within one’s life & the society built around us. There are unique things that some people might prefer to forget about, such as the brutal genocide of the Native Amercians. Of course, it’s pressing for my children to understand the truth if all of us expect them to improve the world all of us raised them in. Sadly, going back to my hometown was some critical culture shock having been in a progressive liberal arts university for my whole undergraduate job. Aside from the conservative mindset among most in this actual area, we’re also limited on suppliers like bars, gyms & medical weed stores. Sadly, this small town only has 2 medical marijuana stores, basically forcing me to drive to the town I lived in for university if I want a nicer selection of marijuana products. Although there are a few cannabis delivery services that are available in the state, a huge portion of them charge fees on all delivery orders if you don’t choose to purchase at least $200 worth of products at any given time.
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