A jam band weekend

I just returned from what my friends and I call a “jam band weekend” out on my uncle’s farm.

Uncle Joe has a huge tract of land, and once in a while he will let us use his hunting cabin out near the woods.

The cabin is far removed from Joe’s house, which makes it the perfect locale to jam out with the band. My friends and I are in a heavy metal band, and it is hard to find a rehearsal space, so every once in a while we go to the cabin to spend an entire weekend playing music and practicing. And of course we drink a ton of beers and smoke cannabis constantly throughout the whole process. I don’t know how it works for other musicians, but for us cannabis and booze were essential to the creative process. We wouldn’t even bother tuning up our instruments until after a few shots and a couple bowls of high quality cannabis. By the second day we are really warmed up, and that’s when we trade in the bong for some blunts stuffed with sativa, to really crank up our creativity. We plug in the recording equipment and cut loose, chasing cannabis with beer until the sun goes down – and then we party! I won’t list all the different substances we enjoy during a proper party, but suffice to say cannabis is not one of them! Cannabis is great for creativity, and for nursing the inevitable hangover, but when we want to cut loose then we break out the hard stuff.

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