A new kind of nightlife

This is a pretty small town, and there is not much nightlife, but there are 2 odd bars, one of which is frequented by outdated folks, and the other is a haven for bikers and truckers passing through.

  • Neither one of those sites ever appealed to me, or my friends, which meant that both of us spent a lot of time at home, enjoying movies and hanging out.

About a year ago the state finally came to its senses and passed some cannabis legalization ordinances. That meant that at long last our tired neighborhood could have a cannabis dispensary! Much to my delight, I l acquired that the new dispensary would not just sell cannabis products however also have a smoker’s lounge; I have never been a important drinker, I consistently number one cannabis over booze, so this sounded like the kind of nightlife I could support! With cannabis being such a friendly drug, one that promotes harmony and friendship, I believe a smokers lounge sounds like an amazing idea. They can have live musical performances, or screen movies, or just set out some board games, because with cannabis in the mix it will all be fun. The smokers lounge has not yet opened, so all I can do is sit and wait for now, however at least the cannabis dispensary has opened up its drive-through window. They have a limited cannabis menu available online, and both of us are allowed to venue orders for pick-up. In a few short weeks the cannabis dispensary will be fully open for customers, and so will the smokers lounge!

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