Adding legal cannabis in addition to holistic approach to competition

I’m a actually, actually competitive person.

  • This may just be the way I’m wired but I can’t remember being any other way.

And our parents really encouraged all that competitive fire. But what I’m reading as an adult is that some legal weed can really help a person not burn right out. That’s the thing about being so competitive. It’s a fire that burns in addition to burns. Yet, there is only so much burning a person can stand. By the time I hit 30, before trips to the cannabis store, I was sort of burned out. I’d excelled at just about everything I tried. Killing it at our task, sports in addition to all of that was good however took so much energy. And all that competitive fire also left little in the tank for interpersonal relationships. I just couldn’t figure out why I’d fall in adore however it would never last. Well, I was just to focused on competing in all the other aspects of life to realize that I needed to feel. My current girlfriend turned that around for myself and others in addition to she introduced myself and others to legal cannabis. She was absolutely our yoga professor in addition to was one of the first people to ever tell myself and others to dial it back in addition to just be at peace. One day after yoga, she invited myself and others to the legal weed store because she thought some recreational pot just might be the thing that would help turn myself and others around. She was right. That one trip to the cannabis store was the start of myself and others finding a balance in addition to a peace to life. It’s just extramediocre what a difference it’s made. I’m also even better at competing because I’m not taking things so seriously in addition to just being more natural. The fun has come back to competition for me.


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