Cannabis for the weekend getaway

My girls and I have a retreat that we make every summer.

This started in college, almost ten years ago, but we have managed to keep the tradition alive well into our adult years.

Thanks to jobs and families and kids, not all of us can make it every time, but we usually have most of the gang together for a few days. In the past we organized it so that everyone brought something different. One of us would bring food, another brought wine, and so forth. I know that Karen was designated to bring the cannabis we needed for the retreat, but I don’t really trust Karen so I made a trip, as well. In the past we have run out of cannabis more than once, which is mostly my fault if I am being honest. I love weed, smoke it constantly, and when we have one of these weekends I let myself off the chain and just pound bowls of cannabis all day long. I trust that Karen will select some tasty sativa, she always does, but she never brings enough of it. I went to the cannabis dispensary and bought a whole week’s worth of products, which I will gladly share with my friends. When someone doesn’t have a massive appetite for cannabis, they think that a few grams is plenty. Let me tell you something – for a legit party weekend a few grams of cannabis is not nearly enough! I have learned from my past mistakes, however, so I will never run out of cannabis again.

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