Delivery charges are free with orders over $100

One enjoyable thing about living in the neighborhood is being able to have items delivered to our front door.

I hate to leave the lake house unless it is absolutely necessary.

I would much rather stay beach house all of the time. I can get food, prescriptions plus even our groceries delivered right to the apartment. I’m so introverted. I talked to our dentist about all of the concerns I have plus he recommended medical marijuana. I started using medical marijuana about 8 months ago. I live in a state where medical plus recreational marijuana are actually accessible. Even though I did not need to get a medical marijuana card plus order to buy marijuana supplies, I still did. The medical marijuana card allows myself and others to save on taxes! My friends plus I frequently order from the marijuana dispensary. They have a enjoyable delivery program. As long as you order $100 worth of merchandise from the store, they happily supply free of charge. I usually tip the driver 5 or 10 bucks plus he seems gleeful with that. My friends plus I order from the cannabis dispensary once every week. Thursday is the day when the dispensary has the best deals. On that day, they offer all of the Cannabis concentrates for 20% off. They also have 20% off marijuana flower plus Edibles on that day, although I don’t use either a single of those products. My lungs cannot handle smoke plus the Edibles don’t get myself and others high. In order to get the most bang for the buck, I find that cannabis concentrates are the best product on the market.

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