Growing cannabis in the veggie garden

Due to some legal problems with my mom, I was raised by my grandmother on her piece of farmland.

It was a quiet childhood, mostly because the place was so remote there were rarely any other children to interact with.

My grandmother was a sweet lady, and did her best to give me a good life, so I will always cherish her. In her own way she was very supportive. For example, she had always kept a large vegetable garden on her land, one that produced a lot of great veggies. When I asked her about planting some cannabis in the middle of her garden, she fully supported my idea! I thought she would be surprised, but it turns out that she used to grow cannabis herself, and was very experienced with it. Granny had a lot of thoughts and ideas about how I should cultivate the marijuana plants, and I made sure to take careful notes. This woman had a green thumb and decades of experience, so she could teach me so much about not just cannabis, but botany and agriculture, too! On her advice I planted twelve cannabis plants, in three batches of four. This would be a good way to test and see if the marijuana thrived in one spot over another. When we found the best place in the garden, we would transplant the other cannabis plants to that spot. I am still in the early stages of this process, so I don’t know how well my cannabis crops will turn out just yet. But with granny’s help, I am very optimistic.