How a stay-at-home dad gets high

I am a stay-at-home dad for three wonderful but crazy kids.

My wife Max is the one who works, mostly because she is highly educated and has an amazing career.

We decided years ago that we didn’t want our kids to go to daycare, that they deserved to be raised by their parents. It was the logical decision for me to be the parent to stay home, because Max makes about four times more money than I ever did. Max works hard in her business, and I do my best to relax her at the end of the day. I will pack up a fat bowl of cannabis and rub her feet while she gets high. Personally I feel that cannabis is an essential part of stress relief and relaxation, and it’s something I do every day. Of course I don’t smoke cannabis around my children, but I do light up before they wake, and during their nap times. I understand the dangers of secondhand cannabis smoke, so after I get blazed I always take a quick shower and change clothes. The smoke particles from burning cannabis can stick to your skin, your clothes, and your hair, and then transfer over to the kids. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so usually during the day I just stick to using cannabis edibles. The only danger presented by cannabis edibles is that the kids always ask me for one, and I have to say no. Once they go to sleep at night I break out the cannabis and bong and get down to business.


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