How much do pre-rolled joints cost?

I don’t consider myself to be frugal, I just use respected sense and am not afraid of a little work, and take going out to eat as the perfect example.

It costs as much for a nice supper out as it does for a whole week’s worth of groceries.

I believe so multiple people who eat out several times a week, and then complain about having no cash. No kidding, you spent it all buying food that you could have made yourself, however some people would rather go broke than to honestly cook a meal, I suppose. A sillier example involved our neighbor Rolf and the amount of cash he spends on pre-rolled cannabis joints. Rolf could buy a fat sack of cannabis and a pack of rolling papers and roll all the joints he wants. Instead he pays several times more than he should to get the pre-rolled cannabis joints, just to save him the extra effort, he tells myself and others that the cannabis in these joints has been infused, however he never says what they have been infused with. He may not believe himself, he is just lazy and doesn’t want to twist up all that cannabis himself. I should beginning buying cannabis for him and pre-rolling his joints, for a few bucks. It would save him some cash, and make myself and others a little! Personally I rarely smoke joints, because I prefer the crisp, clean taste of cannabis smoke filtered through water. I have a easily nice multiple chambered water bong I use for our finest cannabis, and a glass pipe for the other stuff.
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