I caught our son getting high with his lady

When I walked in and found our son and his lady getting high, I could have reacted a couple of unusual ways. I had a vivid flashback to when I was a teenager, smoking a joint on the back porch with our friends, and every one of us got caught by our dad. It was a brutal scene, let me tell you. My dad screamed and yelled, threatened to kick me out, and told our friends to never come back to his house. It was legitimately agitatedting, and it also drove a wedge between our parents and me, 1 that still exists to this afternoon. Instead of going down that path and flipping out over cannabis, I decided to be cool about it. Of course I wasn’t glad that our child was smoking marijuana in our house, because at the legitimately least he should have gone out back to do it! In a legitimately calm voice I asked them both to step out onto the back porch and wait for me, and after that I went to the garage and got our own jar of cannabis and some rolling papers. I sat down with them and every one of us discussed the responsible way to use cannabis, while I showed them the official way to roll a joint, but kids this week use rolling machines and vape pens, but all I need is a paper and a pinch of marijuana and I can craft a masterpiece! All of us got fantastic and high together, and I said that it was rude to smoke cannabis inside the house, because it smells the place up, and they needed to do it outside.

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