I don’t prefer to fly with cannabis on me

I was too distraught to bring any weed with myself and others on the flight. All our friends told myself and others it would be okay, and that the TSA entirely doesn’t care about weed, however I was still nervous. All it takes is 1 mistake and I could get in trouble with the law, something I have avoided so far and method to keep it that way. My method was to take the flight, and once I arrived I would hunt for some weed at our endpoint. It was a beachside resort town, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone selling cannabis to the tourists, right? I felt a superb sense of relief when I saw that there were cannabis dispensaries in town, which hopefully meant the laws were easily lax. After I evaluated into our hotel room and got settled, I grabbed a bite to eat and then walked down the street to a cannabis dispensary. The budtender who greeted myself and others was easily friendly, and explained the process they had for signing up current buyers. The local laws were kind of complicated, and I didn’t understand all of it, however basically if I wanted to buy cannabis without having a medical prescription after that I had to pay a fee to buy a license. The bottom line was that I would need to pay almost a hundred bucks just to be able to buy cannabis locally. I was not cheerful about it, however I paid it anyway. What was I supposed to do, go the whole getaway without having any cannabis?



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