I helped a client with an issue

One part of client services is making sure that each woman has a pleasant experience when they go to any establishment.

This is pressing with every business & that would include the recreational & medicinal marijuana business, both of us have an undoubtedly stringent return policy at the pot dispensary where I work.

A client can return most any item with no questions asked. As long as there is still product left inside the container, every one of us will make the exchange when someone is unhappy with recreational or medical marijuana products. When one of our clients came to the dispensary with an issue, I was the woman there to help. The client complained about the “weak” Indica strain that she bought during her first visit to the dispensary. The woman bought 8 grams of OG Kush & she was complaining that the marijuana product made her feel exhausted. I explained to this client that an Indica strain care about OG Kush has a sedative effect. She informed myself and others that she was looking for something to use during the afternoon & she wanted to be awake & alert. I took the remainder of the several gram tote of marijuana from this client & every one of us carefully went through some marijuana strains that I had inside the case. I only told the woman the names of the sativa strains. She started to ask me if I had additional strains such as Granddaddy Purple, Girl Scout cookies, & Bubba Kush. I told this client that these strains were not sativas & undoubtedly would make her exhausted during the afternoon. I urged this client to use the internet as a resource tool for choosing the right strain.