I immediately experienced positive benefits from cannabis edibles

I was saddened when I lost a job due to my PTSD symptoms. I was struggling to meet my deadlines and should have been honest with my employers about what was going on in my head. All I needed was a little bit of compassion, and at the very least an ultimatum before giving up on me altogether. The firing was done completely without warning and I wasn’t anticipating it whatsoever. This pushed me into a downward spiral of depression and anxiety because I wasn’t sure how I was going to afford my bill with all of these issues. Thankfully a close friend of mine put a good word in for me at his place of employment and I was able to get a job in a matter of days. I averted losing my apartment, but I still had severe anxiety and constant PTSD symptoms. After having a panic attack, a close friend of mine offered me a cannabis edible to take home with me to help with my stress. I was reluctant to try edible cannabis at first, but now I am happy that I did. It helped calm my nerves without making me too sedated like I worried. I am an example of someone immediately experiencing the positive benefits of cannabis edibles upon trying them for the first time. Now I have a medical marijuana card in my state and stop at a local marijuana dispensary at least once or twice a week to get more cannabis edibles and cannabis flower products when I want an inhalation product.


Medical Marijuana Card Renewal