I loved my job as a budtender in the city

I heard that a medical pot shop was going to open in the city and everyone of us were looking for a new job.

The two of us thought that the advertisement for applicants was directed in our directions.

The two of us went to the medical pot dispensary on the same day they had applications and interviews. The both of us were hoping they would not be numerous people there, but the whole place was packed. There was standing room only and I did my best to fill out my application while I was sitting on the floor. My hopes were immediately dashed to find out that only a couple of people out of all of the applicants were going to be interviewed for one of the jobs. I hoped I would be one of the people selected, but I did not know if that would actually be the correct or not. When I turned in my application, I was going to leave the building. The manager asked me to hang out for a little while for the district manager to arrive. That was the person in charge of hiring and firing new budtenders and employees for the medical marijuana dispensary. The people I was with as well as myself waited as long as we could. We were just about to leave and go back to our apartment when the manager showed up and wanted to interview us on the spot. I ended up being the person to get the job and I have to say that I was very happy to be that person. My job as a budtender in the medical pot dispensary is one that I absolutely love.

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