I pay less as a medical cannabis patient compared to a recreational customer

When I joined the police force in my early 20s, I was given a lot of warning regarding emotional pain, especially developing PTSD.

We actually received training on ways to recognize these symptoms and what to do when they start appearing. However, we weren’t warned about the possible physical injuries that we could sustain on the job during dangerous situations, short of getting shot by a potential criminal. I thankfully never got shot, however I had to jump from a ledge once while pursuing a criminal on foot and I ended up severely damaging both of my knees and needed immediate surgery after the entire ordeal. I can walk, but I have severe pain in my knees most days of my life. It’s one thing to be retired and no longer forced to be on my feets as much as before, but that doesn’t make the pain magically disappear either. I have been using marijuana to treat my pain to great effect, especially with hybrid strains of cannabis like Gorilla Glue #4. My state has both legal medical cannabis and legal recreational cannabis. The medical patients pay less at the dispensaries because they’re exempted from state marijuana taxes that are levied on recreational patients. That’s why I pay to see my medical marijuana doctor to retain my medical marijuana card and save every week when I pick up new products from my favorite medical marijuana dispensary. It’s a huge savings when the taxes on recreational cannabis are 15% at the state level before you factor in city or county taxes.



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