I prefer bong rips over edibles

This may sound crazy to you, but I sure do miss the COVID lockdown.

  • Most people I know were extremely upset about the quarantine going into effect, but not me.

I loved it! I don’t like going out in public and being around people, so for me this was a blessing. I got to work from home for almost a full year, and that was nothing less than a dream come true for me. I could drop a shot of whiskey in my morning coffee and work in nothing but my robe and some boxer shorts. I would start packing bowls of cannabis around 10am, and smoke them continuously throughout the rest of the day. It was amazing, and I miss it dearly. Now that I am back in the office I can’t wear my robe and I can’t take cannabis hits through the afternoon. Edibles have been making the transition a little easier, but it’s still a step down. Edibles are great for other people, but for me they cannot replace the feeling I get from a deep, heavy bong rip. I am a water bong guy at this stage in my life, and it’s my preferred way of using cannabis. Joints, blunts, pipes, vapes, and edibles are all cool, but when I have my druthers I want a fat sack of sativa, and a glass bong filled with ice cold water. For the time being, bong rips are for breakfast and after work, and for the rest of the day I have to get by with just using edibles.

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