I told my friend to be careful the first he tried using cannabis

My close friend Ricky was homeschooled until he left home at 18 to attend one of the most progressive liberal arts colleges in the country.

He had no idea what he was getting himself in for, especially with the social life at our school.

There was a lot of partying among all ages, but it was particularly bad among freshmen. We met in a chemistry class and immediately became friends after chatting about a band that we both loved. I didn’t realize at first that Ricky was so sheltered, but it became more and more apparent when he seemed genuinely surprised when I would ask him basic questions about his experience with normal things in life like school dances, dates, cars, and drugs. Eventually Ricky let it slip to me that he was homeschool for his whole life until he graduated from college and insisted on attending college at a school where he could move away from home at last. I had a lot of respect for him immediately because it seemed like he had a good head on his shoulders with everything considered. However, one day a mutual friend lit a joint while we were sitting in a circle on the floor of his dorm room. Having a decent amount of experience with cannabis, I told Ricky to be careful to only take a single hit before letting the THC absorb into his body. Unfortunately, Ricky did the opposite and immediately hit the joint three times in succession before coughing incessantly for five minutes straight. Needless to say, my friend was plastered for the remainder of the evening. He ended up passing out on our friend’s floor and woke up eight hours later in a state of total confusion. At least I tried to warn him about too much THC the first time using cannabis.


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