Never seen so much marijuana for sale in my life

So I find there is a bit of a difference when it comes to cannabis dispensaries.

Before I go any further, I just want to confirm that I’m very, very fortunate just to be able to walk into my local cannabis spot at all.

The fact that both recreational marijuana and medical marijuana are now legal where I live is a huge blessing. So I’m not judging or putting down my local cannabis spot in any way. But the thing is, I just went out west for a vacation and went to many cannabis dispensaries out there. Wow is all I can say. At my local cannabis spot, they have a nice selection of sativa products and indica products. There are also several hybrid strains for sale. The cannabis edible selection is basically cannabis gummies, pot brownies and a few other edibles. Like I said, I’m super thankful to be able to buy cannabis at all and the local cannabis spot expertly serves my needs. But when I walked into a few marijuana businesses out west, I was stunned at the size and scope of these cannabis operations. Shoot, there were a few that we were even able to tour. Like a cannabis grower had a retail outlet right there on his farm. It was the most marijuana for sale I’d seen in my entire life. I had the best time just learning and putting together a bit of a sampler for the picnics I had throughout the vacation. I took pictures to bring back to the folks at my local cannabis spot. They are in the marijuana business and even they were stunned to see the selection of cannabis products in that dispensary.



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