Not a good idea with hemp

My state for a long time was only allowing medical weed.

I particularly wanted to get my hands on some weed in order to sleep at night.

Online I found that I could order CBD products. I figured it was too great to be true but purchased them anyway. When they came in the mail I thought they looked different than what was flaunted online. I realized upon studying the back that they were genuinely hemp products. Hemp products have more nutritional benefits than CBD but they aren’t going to help you sleep at night or reduce inflammation or anything. Hemp does come from the cannabis plant, however it barely does anything. I tried the hemp seed oil in my pop at night to help me sleep. First it tasted icky. It ruined my cup of night tea. I could hardly drink it. I also didn’t sleep any differently after it. Since I bought it, I made myself use the entire bottle. It was a large waste. Years after and now my state allows for CBD products and recreational weed. The first thing I did was go to the recreational weed shop near myself and others and grab CBD oil, then my experience with CBD products is night and afternoon from hemp. The CBD oil has no taste, puts myself and others right to sleep and lasts a particularly long time. I will never buy a hemp product again just like I will never go without CBD oil again. It is healthier and way more effective than taking a sleeping pill.


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