Our state legislature is constantly changing the rules and regulations for medical weed

I have experienced key differences in laws from one state to the next.

Just the taxes alone are a good example of these key differences.

At one point I was living in a place where I felt suffocated by the state and property taxes alone, and that didn’t factor in that state’s taxes on both medical and recreational cannabis. Although the taxes in my current state are lower, the legislature and governor here really leave something to be desired. I know everyone has their own feelings about a number of different issues, and I respect that implicitly. However, don’t screw with my access to cannabis when over 70% of the state voted in favor of legalizing medical marijuana here. It shouldn’t even be up for debate any longer whether or not this is a thing demanded by the majority of citizens in the state. Yet, the state legislature is out for blood trying to neuter the medical marijuana program. They tried to pass THC caps at one point—barring all medical marijuana flowers and concentrate products from having more than 10% THC inside—but they failed. Recently they lowered the allotment levels for various forms of medical marijuana consumption. Why does the state legislature keep changing the rules and regulations concerning marijuana in this state? It has to be a matter of who is lobbying these politicians, because they must be against marijuana to go this far to destroy something good that helps so many people feel better on a day to day basis. We don’t need all of this additional regulation, especially from a political party that prides itself on “small” government.

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