Public intoxication is a really big red flag

There are many different laws in this state addressing drunkenness in public.

A buddy was picked up by a couple of police officers on a night when he was walking new home from a bar.

He was swerving and Sway and the police decided to stop to talk to the guy. He was given a ticket for public intoxication, because the officer could not give him a ticket for drinking and driving. The cop could have given my friend an idea. The cop could have given my friend a warning instead. That friend never makes the same mistake two times. He has always gotten an Uber or taxi now when he is noticeably drunk. It is absolutely not worth the hassle. The police provided. Despite relative transparency regarding many laws. People easily seem to believe there is a regular exception to the rule. Just prefer you can’t have an open bucket of ice liquor, you also cannot consume legal marijuana. It’s not worth their trouble prefer losing a medical marijuana card. The two of us would only prefer to wait until the both of us are at home before we enjoyed marijuana products. If it is in fact safe to use marijuana at home, then that person probably did not actually have an overdose at all. It’s just best to follow each one of the state’s marijuana rules and also regulations. That will keep each person from getting into any unnecessary amount of trouble in a state where they are not sure of the law.


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