Smoking cannabis on prom night

My oldest daughter is now a senior in high school, and the prom is coming up.

I offered to be her chauffeur for the night, and drive her group of friends to dinner, and then to the dance.

I know that all these kids are going to get wasted on prom night, and I was more comfortable being present to make sure everyone was safe. I explained to June that I wouldn’t get in the way of them having fun, I just wanted to make sure they didn’t drink and drive. Or in this case, smoke cannabis and drive, because I had no idea that the whole group of friends were all huge potheads. In my day we were stoked to get our hands on a few beers, and we rarely got ahold of good marijuana. Today things are different, and these teens didn’t seem interested in alcohol at all, they just wanted to smoke cannabis, and eat edibles, and get blasted that way. Every generation is different, I suppose, and quite frankly I’m happy that it was cannabis they wanted and not something dangerous like cocaine or ecstasy. Say what you will about marijuana, there is no way to argue that it is dangerous. Cannabis is non habit forming, and it is impossible to OD on. Worst case scenario with cannabis is that you smoke too much of it and fall asleep in your chair. Since it was prom night I wanted to show them how cool I was and said they could smoke their cannabis in the car.

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