So several activities at the smokers lounge

Before COVID shut us down, I used to be out several days a week, then occasionally a bar, or a club, or maybe just to get a quick bite to eat, but i enjoyed being out around friendly people, but then as you recall that was taken away from us for a few weeks; After the lockdown ended, everyone were still super hesitant about going out and socialize, and who can blame them? These are spine-chilling times in which both of us live! It was only recently that I found a new location to scratch our itch, so I could be out among friendly people and still relax and have fun, and it is at the cannabis dispensary, which has just recently opened up a sweet smokers lounge, designed as a location people can hang out and safely get lit up together.

It is an interesting setup at the cannabis dispensary, because they have a bevy of untypical local laws to follow, and so according to the rules you can’t buy or sell anything inside the lounge, so properly it is without the cannabis dispensary and not a space in the same business.

It would be a lot nicer if there was a budtender in the room with us, or a location to give us freezing drinks, but the law doesn’t allow for that, but both of us can go next door to the cannabis shop to buy those things and then come back, so it isn’t a sizable hassle, then every evening they have an interest of some kind, either a live performance by a local act, or projecting a cannabis comedy classic on the wall of the store.



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