Some of the best weed strains for pain also tend to lean on the sedating side

Until my mid 20s, I had only ever experienced one severe bout of excruciating physical pain. My doctor prescribed Reglan as an anti-nausea medication for my IBS symptoms, and one day I was staying home from school sick while my mom was out running errands a few miles away. As a side effect, Reglan can cause severe muscle spasms and my neck muscles were locking so severely it felt like I was being stabbed repeatedly from the inside out. My mom rushed me to the hospital and they immediately gave me morphine, which had absolutely no effect on my pain in any way. It took them four hours of me writhing in my pain before they realized that giving me Benadryl would counteract the symptoms from the Reglan. Once the heavy dose of Benadryl mixed with the pain medication in my bloodstream, I felt like I was hit by a train of sedation and immediately passed out. I feel lucky I spent the next 15 years not experiencing very much pain, but now that is coming to an end as I develop symptoms of the same kidney disease that my sister and father have had for years. I have started using cannabis to treat the pain from the chronic kidney stones, but not all strains of cannabis out there are equal in their efficacy as pain killers. Some of the best sativas are phenomenal with killing pain while others are terrible. For the most part, it seems that sedating indicas are often the best cannabis strains for severe physical pain. Strong Kush strains are one such example, and it’s no surprise they’re loved by pain sufferers all over the world.

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