Some states still don't sell medical pot

I read a recent article about medical pot. The two of us assumed that medical pot was legal all over the country, but the two of us were incorrect. The government does not recognize medical pot as a prescription. There cannot be thc in any of the CBD products that are sold legally. The two of us spoke with many people about the legalization on recreational marijuana. There were a number of people that absolutely believe this to be a good idea while there were easily a handful of people that believe that medical marijuana should never be legalized. I have a lot more mobility and far fewer flare-ups when I use medical pot. Medical pot is something that I have used for a year due to multiple sclerosis. Since I have been using medical pot, it’s hard for me to imagine where I would be if not for this specific plant. My mental health therapist was one of the people to give the two of us and idea to obtain the card. It made very little sense to me as well as numerous other people for us to be able to buy medical pot but there are other people that cannot. If the medicine is actually a wonder drug like all people say, then there should be no reason for people not to agree that it is worth it. The problem is the drug companies and the fact that they do not want to lose out on all of the money that people spend on prescriptions that are not necessary.


Medical Cannabis Certifications